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SiSi Lam
100% 香港行貨,貨有保證,非常安心
Katy Chan
Man Tam
Cindy Lim
第一次買,見d reviews 都讚先試下,先貨快又可以貨到付款,勁讚!
送貨到office剛好我sick leave, CS 安排再送多一次,服務超讚!

Online Contact lens retailer in HK

Get your essentials the easy way. Super-cons offers an extensive selection of contact lenses in a full range of colours, designs and prescription strengths. Whether you need special lenses to correct astigmatism or just need a generic corrective, we can help you.

Your eye health is important to us and we’re dedicated to providing high quality contact lenses that are also affordable, helping people across Hong Kong get the contact lenses they need to live the life they want. We offer a comprehensive range of products sourced from some of the world’s most respected manufacturers including Acuvue and Bausch+Lomb, provided at some of the most competitive prices in the city. Save big on something you’ll use every day when you shop at Super-cons.

Super-cons is dedicated to helping people see clearer

We are committed to provide our customers the best, because that is what they deserve. We offer a huge range of lenses that address any concerns you might have with your vision. From prescription coloured lenses for cosmetic purposes, plain prescription lenses to correct near or far-sightedness to more complex toric lenses that help individuals with astigmatism to see clearly, you name it and we have it in our inventory.